Turning a Blog Post into a Magazine Spread

I wanted to showcase my latest design from a blog post that I turn into a magazine spread using Adobe InDesign software. My original blog post came from lds.org and is by President Russell M. Nelson. He shares his recent experience to the youth about a scripture study challenge he did while studying Jesus Christ.  He look up over 2200+ scriptures and learn so much from his experience that he plans to share his testimony of what he found in recent conferences. He shares a little of what he found in this blog post. I broke up the post into 4 sections. Outlining to the youth what can be expected if they try out this same challenge. I also thought the long title would be a good challenge to play with the words into a front page design. Below is my 3 page layout.

Front page

two page spread

Target Audience Analysis

My target audience was focus on the youth, this was the same audience that Elder Nelson was addressing from a recent conference in his post. I wanted the blog post to fit into a youth magazine style. I wanted the outline of the experience Elder Nelson described  to fit into an action plan for the youth. This plan could also fit into anyone willing to take a scripture challenge studying about the Savior.  My finish spread highlights two youth reading scriptures a young man and a young women with opposite contrasting colors of Pink and Brown. Pink for the young women, and brown for the young men.

Design Analysis

My design can be broken up into three main highlights; Color, Typography, and Photography.


For the color scheme I decided to highlight adjacent colors. These colors are next to each other in the color wheel. You can see an example of my color paletton below.

color paletton

I wanted colors that match both the young women and the young men. So I decided  to go with colors that could contrast well together. Pink for the young women, and dark brown for the young men. I kept this color scheme going in my typography and contrast the main content dark brown text with a dark shade of pink headers. This kept the repetitious theme going throughout the design and in some cases I brought both colors together. Notice that in my title I use both of these colors to highlight and contrast the main words like “2200 Scriptures” and “Six weeks”. Did you also catch that I chosen photography that matches my color scheme? Notice the young women is wearing pink and brown, and the young man is wearing brown.


My chosen font is Minion Pro and Lucida Sans. Minion Pro is use for the main content text, and the Lucida Sans is use as a contrasting text for my headers and parts of my title. The Minion Pro gives you the feel of text typeface that you see when reading the scriptures, and the Lucida Sans gives more of a modern theme. I blended these two typefaces to blend the new with the old. Like for example the contrast between wisdom and youth. I gave extra line height in the paragraphs and indented the paragraphs starting on the second paragraph for each main section. I made the headers close to the paragraph to give good proximity and gave space between other sections. My title is different sizes of font and character spacing to give a block feel right next to the young women. Almost to say it is a thought from the young women. The words cascade down the page drawing your eye down the page. I gave space between the title and the author as well.


For my chosen images I decided to highlight two youth. The images were originally taken in a large size. This help scale down the image and highlight the part of the image I wanted to used.

young women reading

Source: https://www.lds.org/media-library/images/young-woman-reading-scriptures-1047022?lang=eng

Notice if you look at this image I did not use the scale shown above. Instead I zoom in on the picture to highlight just the youth. Then I use the space right beside the girl to insert the title. This image is a great image to use because it uses the rule of the thirds.  It puts the main image on the side and extra space on the other side.  Made for a great opportunity to use the space for a title and stunning front page design. Notice also that her eyes are pointed down. This same theme can be found in the title as it cascades down the page.

boy reading scriptures

Source: https://en.elds.org/bookofmormononline-com/files/2011/12/scripture-study-462668-print.jpg

The young man image also has the opportunity to put text on the left side. That space was utilized for the rest of the content text. To make the text stand out more I set the image to opacity of 67% to give it more transparent look to help contrast the text. The boys eyes also point down as the reader reads down the page. I also zoom in and crop parts of the image to just highlight the main part of the youth.


Creating a great magazine spread starts with you knowing your audience. Once you find out that information start researching the colors that surround that kind of audience. Choose the right typefaces that work together and still give the contrast to match your audience. Find images that work with your color scheme and your target audience. Think of the positioning of the images and how they will work for your layout.  If you follow these techniques you are sure to wow the audience with your attractive design.


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