Create a new ad off an existing ad campaign

Have you ever wanted to take an idea of a campaign and make it into your own creation? That is exactly what I set out to do when I created a similar ad that mirrored the original ad campaign. Below is the ad campaign I had selected for the “StayCool” Jockey underwear campaign. It highlights a professional athlete staying cool in his environment. I decided to take this campaign and make a new ad, highlighting some of the main characteristics of the original campaign.

At first glance your drawn into the first headline of text. Not the best use of alignment since it has been centered with the rest of the text, something we can improve upon in our new ad a little later. The rest of the text is group within close proximity of the headline. Then your eye is drawn over to the main highlighted athlete. You take a glance at his expression and are drawn down to see his shirt has ice cold snow on it. Then you mind immediately recognizes the background has been a hot environment. All of this information is process within seconds of you looking at the ad. Lastly you are taken down to a sneak peak at the underwear the athlete is wearing and then some barely visible text showing a website you can go to. The target audience for this ad is gearing towards men that love professional sports. They can relate to the professional athlete as a being a good role model and trust their recommendation of a new type of clothing that helps them stay cool. It gives off the idea he can stay cool and stay cool while wearing this type of clothing.  Below I have set up a slide show of the new ad campaign.

Now that we have a good idea of the type of campaign it is, let’s dive in a little deeper to the design, typography, and color that I used in the ad.  First up, is design.

When looking a little closer at design we notice three main characteristics of this campaign. Can you see them? I thought you might notice that the background, and snow on his shirt, and the close up of the athlete, are all the main features of this ad. They help bring attention to the product they are trying to highlight which in this case is the shirt. Now let’s take a closer look at typography.

The main highlighted text is in a ice blue contrasting color. It is in a very large font and is place in close proximity to the athlete. The font style is very easy to read in a nice classic Arial Sans Serif which matches not only the Jockey brand, but also highlights the classic T-shirt the athlete is wearing. The text is align centered, which is not the best choice of alignment. I would have like to see an alignment to the left or the right. The black font color is a little hard to read, especially when trying to view the text at the bottom of the ad. I’m sure we can tweak those things to make it better in our new ad. Now let’s look at the colors of the ad.

The colors that stand out in this ad are Orange, Blue, and White. You naturally think of these colors when you think of hot and cold. It was clever to make the background of the city orange to make it feel like the environment is hot. Yet the athlete is not the same shade of orange rather a more cool white-blue tone to give off the feeling of him being cold. We now have a good grasp on how to make a similar campaign, let’s look at the example I did in my new ad.

As you can see right off the bat I choose another professional athlete to highlight, Lebron James. I decide to take a wallpaper photo of him where he might be training for a basketball game. Below is the original photo that you can download and try yourself from

Notice that in my new ad I modified the original photo to highlight Leborn James, and he is now in closer proximity to the basket. It is important to get a high resolution photograph that you can use to zoom in on the subject. I was able to cut out Leborn using  Photoshop and pasting him back into the environment closer to the basket.

If you remember,  our original ad had three main characteristics, can you see them all? First being the close up athlete, the orange hot environment background, and the snow around the shirt. Did I hit on all of them shown above? Now let’s take a closer look at the typography that I use to make the new ad.

I decided to stick with the classic Arial San Serif style font and give the font some contrasting colors and sizes. Lastly, I took out the centered align text, and instead align it to the left. Did you also notice that I align the text under the basket? I did this because the athlete was dunking the ball, and I knew your eye would be taken to the basket then down towards the text.  You finish off the ad by seeing the Jockey logo and some informational text on the athlete and a website you can go to see more on the product. Now let’s look at the three main colors I used.

Obviously, I wanted to convey the same feeling as the original ad of being hot and cold. So, I made the environment a burnt orange, and Leborn as a cool blue white. I took the Light blue off Leborn’s shoes and used that as the main contrasting color in my text. This establishes repetition and brings more cohesiveness to the ad. The white text gives off the cool feeling of the snow.

In all of the ads I used a the Jockey Logo that I re-created in Adobe Illustrator. Along with the stay cool symbol that Jockey used in the original ad. This allowed me to use this Logo in different colors within my ad. All of the slides that I have laid out for you are created in Adobe InDesign. Which is great for making layouts for a presentation. I hope you gain some valuable insights for you to simulate a similar ad campaign. This is a great practice for you to prepare for a real ad off one of your own work campaigns.


Taking a household product and turning it into a creative ad

Have you ever thought you could take something as simple as a household product and turn into something more amazing? That is the idea behind a creative ad. I want to show you how I used Adobe Photoshop to blend some images together to make this creative ad you see above for a can opener by Hamilton Beach.

Brainstorm ideas

You can create any creative ad with little bit of imagination. The key is take the function of the product and display it in a creative way that will convey a message to your target audience. Like the can opener I have chosen above, can be literally used anywhere like an electric can opener without the cord. My specific target audience for this ad was males between the ages of 25 and 34, married, with an average income between 40k to 59k. Since my audience was males, I wanted to focus on where men would enjoy using this kind of product. So, naturally I thought of a tail gate party at a football game. Other ideas could be a vacation getaway, camping adventure, or even a backyard barbecue. The idea is to showcase this product somewhere on the go. I stuck with the theme of a football game tail gate party and was off to find some images to work with my design.

Selecting the right images

Since my theme was for static TV ad and website blogs, I have chosen two layout sizes for my images to follow

  • TV Static Ad – 1920px by 1080px (150-300 resolution/dpi)
  • Web/Blog Static Ad – 300px by 250px (72 resolution/dpi)

The images that I chosen to use for this project can all be found on the Adobe Stock website. There are many images you can find there to your related theme. Below is the images I used in my ad in there raw form to give you an idea I used them in my ad.  I decided to get photos that are related to a tail gate party. So I thought of the idea using the can opener to open the can to display the game on the lid of the can.

You can license any of these photos and more with a membership to use Adobe Stock images. They offer a free trial of 10 images a month you can use to try out the software. You can even preview them in Adobe Photoshop to see how they will work with your design before you purchase. You will also want to get high quality photos of your product  and a brand logo to display in the ad.

Using Photoshop

Now that you have a product, a creative idea, and photos you can now use them to arrange your creative idea. I decided to blend the part of the football picture into the lid of the can. I used the clone stamp to put a copy of the image on the lid. Then I fine tune the edges to blend it into the lid. Now I have a miniature T.V. for the user to watch the game so they can never miss a moment. I also place the table cloth on the bottom of the ad to make the items appear they are on the table. Now all that is left is to add the typography.


The typography I wanted to use matches the sans serif used in the logo. I wanted to use a similar font to keep the brand image of the company. I used Gibson for my headline “Open up your game anywhere…” and Open Sans Condensed for my body content. I position the headline on the barbecue. If you notice your eye is drawn into the food and starts at the thongs going down to the food and flows right into the text headline below. Then I position the text anywhere in italic to give emphasis that flows right into the open can that displays the game, and then to the can opener that open the can. Then finally your eye ends on the body content giving you call to action message to know where to find and buy the product. I align the headline text with the logo, and the logo on the same line as the body content. Notice how the body content is also inline with the can and the can opener.

Scaling down your ad

You will want multiple versions of your ad in different sizes to use in different media outlets. For this project I mention earlier that I have chosen two layouts. The blog size that I have chosen scales down to just 300px by 250px. This small space can be hard to work with without losing quality and easy read ability. You want to position your elements in a way that still show cases your overall message. Below is my example for this product theme.


Creating a creative ad starts with a creative idea that uses your product that matches your target audience. I was able to target my audience with a tail gate party to give the impression they can use my product anywhere while appealing to men that love the convenience of electric can opener without missing a moment of the game. Using Photoshop can give you the ability to create elements and blend images to give off an impression that is unforgettable.