Sharing Someone Doing Good Finally Pays Off!

  1. What are the video’s strengths?

This video takes a good old fashion story of a person doing good to others and shows how they deserve a little extra favor. That ties into the show theme “Returning The Favor” to match its brand. It showcases the person in their actual environment and builds a 2 minute case on why that person is deserving of a favor. Without giving away too many details in the show it showcases some of the highlights of the episode as a preview to what is to come. What is engaging with this campaign is that it encourages Facebook viewers to share someone they know that is deserving of a favor to be highlighted on the show. This drives a lot of comments and shares as people try to nominate a person that is deserving. Also noted, is the used of subtitles that show the dialog of the video.

  1. What are the video’s weaknesses?

The video builds the case for the individual but gives away the ending at the end where she gets the garage. A better approach would have been to leave off the ending as cliffhanger to get people to watch the show. It may also give an opportunity to comment on the kind of favor the person deserves.

  1. What is the video trying to accomplish with its design?

The video is trying to advertise the Returning the Favor TV show. Highlighting an individual story gives a prelude to the upcoming episode.

  1. How has the design used: Composition, Fundamentals, Contrast, Lines, Layout, Golden Section, Rule of Thirds, Not Half, Swiss Grid or Custom Grids?

The first shot in the video of Kristina shows Rule of Thirds. Every time there is a close shot of her talking or even another subject they are place to the right of the screen.

  1. What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the video is successful?

This post has over 63k views, 2.2k likes, and 298 shares. Even though this show is not as popular, I had not known it existed had I seen a video ad of one of these stories. It clearly shows how successful it can be by the power of sharing stories of someone doing good.


2 thoughts on “Sharing Someone Doing Good Finally Pays Off!

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  1. I think you’re right about the weaknesses. If they would have left it at the point you mentioned, they very well could have had a lot more people watch the full episode and maybe even continue to watch the series. Did they mention their brand name in there a few times?


  2. This is a great video-anatomy. The duration of the video is definitely a strength because it conveys so much in such a short time, and I agree that encouraging the audience to share the video and generating comments also add value to the video. I also think another strength of the video are the subtitles, because people that begins watching the video on mute, would still find the video’s focus and won’t bypass it because they know the topic involved. On the weaknesses I would add that some scenes are shot with a camara that is not still and it moves, I’d say reducing that motion on the film would increase its quality.


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