Can an App Replace a Designer? Let’s see in this REP on a Sponsored Facebook Ad

AppSumo Web Deals promotes products to help you in your professional career. This ad they are promoting on Relaythat, is a social media content tool to help you create professional ads without the designer. So, does this Ad really hit the mark of its target audience or just another gimmick?

  1. What are the ad’s strengths?

The hardest part when creating an ad is to get the users attention. AppSumo chooses to use a short 2 slide video to display the different parts of the ad. This motion in the feed stops the user in their tracks and grabs their attention while the different parts of the ad appear as it goes down the ad. They start the ad by showing the logo, after that they show the tool itself being displayed on a laptop. Another key to this ad is the brand recognition of the Relaythat logo and the outside border of the ad. This repetition gives you that brand association and provides a frame that centers the laptop at the center of the screen.

  1. What are the ad’s weaknesses?

You probably have already realized that they use emoji’s in replace of words. This grabs the readers visual cues of the words; however, it also comes off as a sales pitch. This is a turn off to users and they usually can pick up on sale pitch a mile away. Instead selling the offer they could have informed the user in another way that states, “look at this new tool we discovered to create social media ads, it saves you time and is a lot simpler to use”. Making the ad sound more personal, makes it more engaging to the user and sparks an interest to learn more. What is valuable to the user more is the time saved then the actual costs. The last text that appears in the first slide ad is a small paragraph testimonial that is very difficult to read not only because it is small they don’t even allow enough time for the user to read it completely. A better approach would have been to sum up this testimonial in 5 to 8 words like; “We created our design in just 15 minutes.”

  1. What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design?

This ad is trying to do two things: First, they are trying to sell you on the promotion, and second they are displaying the software tool. This ad’s focus really should have just been focus on the tool itself saving you time and conveying on how simple it is to use. Instead, I feel that AppSumo turn its direction towards the promotional price making the user turn the other direction.

  1. How has the design used: Composition, Fundamentals, Contrast, Lines, Layout, Golden Section, Rule of Thirds, Not Half, Swiss Grid or Custom Grids?

This ad uses good contrast in the text offering a white on black and an orange on black color combination. All the information is centered and your eye naturally follows the line down the page. The product is centered in the ad and displayed on a laptop screen letting the user know it is a web application. The orange border matches the logo icon of Relaythat, and frames it in the information in the middle, similar to how the arrow warps around the icon. There is also an added computer background that has its opacity at darker setting allowing the contrast of the information to stand out more.

  1. What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful?

Although this ad seems professionally done, it misses the mark on its metrics and only has 6 shares and 30 likes. With being a week up on the channel it does not seem to be succeeding on its metrics. I believe it were to change its message towards it simplicity and ease of use it would have be received better to its intended target audience. I believe the target audience is not looking for savings rather more for a tool that will gives the user the freedom to create ads on their own with not that much effort. So, is it really the design that makes this ad fail or just the content itself. Can your really use a content tool without a designer? Let me know in your thoughts in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Can an App Replace a Designer? Let’s see in this REP on a Sponsored Facebook Ad

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  1. Great point about the strength on how this paid ad catches the viewers’ attention. The ad played too fast for me to read the paragraph and I agree with you that speed and font size don’t allow the viewer to finish reading it. This is a weakness because in my case, I was about to skip the add. The wording of the ad makes me wonder what audience it’s directed too, because not everyone would be looking to create something that will represent their image in the least amount of time, which could have also had an impact on the ads metrics. I think that if their headline would of been different, maybe “Design Your 15-Minute App,” it could have had a bigger impact on the metrics as well. I agree that some design principles have been well applied, such as contrast, however the space could have been utilized better instead of having all centered vertically, and the change of background at the end of the video made it seem like if we were going to a different add. Good job on your analysis.


  2. Super interesting points you made on the design of the ad. I loved reading about the ad’s weaknesses because I didn’t see them at first but it is totally true. The emojis are great for the visual reader/learner but really do come off as a sales pitch. They also don’t look very professional being used so often, I would even say maybe tacky looking. I as well love the overall design of the ad itself. The orange on the black, with a B&W shaded background looks really good. I also appreciate when designers will use that key color throughout the rest of the ad like throughout to logo and the frame. Great analysis of the ad.


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