When a Bike is Not Really a Bike, But a Voice for The People

What are the ad’s strengths? Using the power of reverse psychology this ad tries to present you a bike but not in the way you thought. By stating in the beginning of this ad “This is not a bike” and then showing a picture of a bike your minds mental model of the bike wants... Continue Reading →


Create a new ad off an existing ad campaign

Have you ever wanted to take an idea of a campaign and make it into your own creation? That is exactly what I set out to do when I created a similar ad that mirrored the original ad campaign. Below is the ad campaign I had selected for the "StayCool" Jockey underwear campaign. It highlights... Continue Reading →

Turning a Blog Post into a Magazine Spread

I wanted to showcase my latest design from a blog post that I turn into a magazine spread using Adobe InDesign software. My original blog post came from lds.org and is by President Russell M. Nelson. He shares his recent experience to the youth about a scripture study challenge he did while studying Jesus Christ.  He... Continue Reading →

7up Advertisement Design Breakdown

7up Print Ad Breakdown on Design Original author unknown.  Source of image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/89720217547404102/ I wanted to breakdown the design of this 7up print Ad for their soft drink. Let's reverse engineer their ad and  highlight the best areas so you can visualize the design features. PROXIMITY The use of proximity can be notice to how close the... Continue Reading →

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